Merry Christmas

Ash Hill Lane in Bartlett, TN aka Lights on the Lane is home to a display celebrating Christmas for five years.   Started in 2014, the decorations have multiplied and so has the size of the display.   In 2019 we will now add a house across the street for an additional treat to the senses.

Display Facts:

Display started in 2014 as a static display

2015 ushered in synchronization to music with a store bought six channel device.  Added many homemade props – with some success and some failure

Display was completely redone in 2016 with 64 channels of animation with hand build custom controllers and rebuilt props.  Was one of the first to use P panel technology in the area.

2017 was the first year for pixel lights, which allows for individual color and effects per bulb.  This adds the ability to control millions of channels for dazzling effects.

2018 added even more pixels but also continued the traditional of mini lights but replaced with energy efficient LEDs.

2019 the show added snow machines and a  home across the street that has been added and synced with the main display.  It will have 32 channels of AC LED light animation.